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HR 4.0-ing candidate & employee experience using EVA BOT

The Fourth Industrial Revolution set out a significant advancement in human resources, moving from traditional rule-based chatbots that can only carry on a “conversation” based on pattern matching to conversational AI, which combines three data science superpowers: Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read inquiries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to anticipate patterns, and Machine Learning (ML) to learn and grow from the experience. EVA Bot, EVA’s conversational chatbot, uses a suite of Artificial Intelligence technologies that enable software or an application, to understand and engage naturally with people using either spoken or written language. EVA brings people and AI together to facilitate personalised conversations at scale. EVA Bot can be your team’s side-kick, offering 24/7 support to processes that can be automated and simplified. Here, we’ll take a look at the important touchpoints in Human Resources, from talent attraction to talent management, which is mostly handled manually by HR pros but can be readily scaled on EVA platform.

Skill board of Conversational AI on EVA

EVA HR talent acquisition software

A closer look into each scenario

Candidate Outreach & Job recommendation

Allowing for a dual approach, EVA Bot can automatically recommend job openings based on skills and past applications by continuously learning from stakeholders’ decisions to drive accurate recommendations, (or) recruiters can target prospective candidates through a simplified “one-click” approach and notify candidates of applicable jobs.

Organisations benefit from a more qualified and relevant pool of applicants as a result of this focused advice; candidates are provided with the appropriate jobs, reducing dissatisfaction and wasted resources.

Application Management

Candidates have the option to choose the method of application – either form-based or through conversation, where EVA Bot interacts and picks up resumes to parse from applicable portals and update candidate profiles in real-time. EVA Bot keeps both candidates and recruiters informed with up-to-the-minute status, ensuring transparency and minimising the lead times in the application-to-shortlist cycle. EVA has proven results of  60-90% application completion rate, in a 5-8 minute duration, and a lower drop off rate.

Candidate Screening

EVA Bot can screen candidates and rank them based on predefined criteria with 4x quicker & unbiased results. EVA’s dynamic conversational abilities allow gathering intangible insights, optimising the applicant pool funnel, and automatically developing a shortlist of competent candidates. EVA platform may combine other screening components, such as psychometric or personality tests, thanks to smart integrations.

Documents Collection

Hiring and onboarding require stakeholders to upload/share documents and this is a repeated agenda throughout the review, analysis, and approval stages. EVA handles monotonous tasks with systematic maturity using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) methods to trigger actions that send or collect documents of any type, such as docx, pdf, video profile, png. jpeg, etc., EVA initiates follow-ups for missing documents and nudges the candidates to meet document submission goals.

Interview Scheduling

Fitting hiring managers’ and prospective candidates’ schedules is always a challenge for HRs in manual hiring. EVA coordinates the recruiter’s calendar to organise interviews with the top candidate list sequentially (or configure priorities).  Interview schedules are tracked up to date for review and reschedule as required. EVA has demonstrated greater than 30% improvement in interview show rates.


EVA Bot configures workflows to trigger ‘engage and reengage’ campaigns with candidates/organisation users. An engagement campaign can include a smart list of targeted candidates to accomplish designated actions (such as completing profile details), reminding or alert schedules, share relevant tips, tricks and how-tos along the process.

The platform allows customisation to segment and re-engages 1. with candidates for unfinished tasks or 2. to bring inactive users into the active circle by sending organisation updates / interactive messages.

Continuous Updates and Feedback

Continuous updates and often real-time feedback address communication gaps & loops in the conventional recruiting process. EVA goes the extra mile to be open-ended in creating feedback loops to improve user experience and adapt continuously. From timely notifications to collecting scores of response appropriateness, metrics are tailored to every use case and EVA appraises itself on its performance grades.

Job Offer

Hiring managers can automatically initiate job offers with HR approval, and candidates’ response interfaces can be configured as simple as ‘accept’ or ‘reject’. Candidates can complete their actions in a few clicks with their digitally signed agreements. EVA Bot can answer candidate queries about the offer and notify relevant parties of complex queries, reducing the time to accept the offer from 3-4 days to a few hours.


EVA Bot assists new hires in effectively and efficiently settling into the organisation by actively engaging them during the pre-boarding and onboarding phases. The dialogue can create experiences that inquire about areas where new recruits may be recognised for their unique skills and talents.

EVA platform can organise remote induction and online training schedule delivering targeted learning content, thereby preparing new hires ahead of Day 1. This culminates in a social experience, even if the hiring and onboarding are conducted virtually.

Learning, Development and Career Progression

EVA Bot maximises employee career growth and development through personalised learning content recommendations around a specific topic, technology, application, area of expertise. The recommendations are filtered based on multiple criteria set by the company, including employee growth requirements, peer learning activities, similar learnings, etc.

Employee Survey

EVA Bot conducts frequent surveys and engagement checks to understand employee and candidate satisfaction of the processes – Talent acquisition, attraction and management. This input is analysed at each level, and data is gathered to determine improvement areas, intervene as needed, and aid in the company’s success.

One concrete survey result we have on EVA’s chatbot is a 4.6/5 rating for its incredible work in accomplishing 80% profile completions for one of our large clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of the HR team’s time is spent dealing with recurring FAQs. EVA Bot provides on-demand help, queries in any format – free text, multiple-choice, checkboxes, etc. finding quick solutions to frequent inquiries, and sharing important documents (policies) when required as reference or directing to an HR point of contact if unable to support.


In an HR 4.0 world, AI-powered conversational bot can answer questions better than live chat or email, while also steering a personalised discussion. HR AI chatbots may offer information when the employee needs it rather than when an HR is available. EVA Bot, with its diverse expertise, will act as a constant partner for your candidates and employees, assisting them to achieve a better experience through timely information. EVA Bot’s intuitive mechanism can easily notify and let a human take over the conversation if a candidate or employee either requests to speak or if the Bot reaches its limitations to support with the right information. HR touchpoints will appreciate the reduction in time required to obtain prompt, no-delay responses thereby improving HR reputation in a company.

EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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