“Don’t fear intelligent machines. Work with them.”

Guess who said it?

Garry Kasparov, chess world champion who lost a tournament to Deep Blue the supercomputer in 1997.

Garry might not be your first pick when you think of an AI advocate. In his book “Deep Thinking”, Garry reflects on the historical match, where he predicts a hopeful vision for collaboration between humans and technology.

Today, he says, AI is a potent force that will fundamentally transform industries.

The area ripe for AI transformation: Recruitment

Despite Garry’s predictions, many recruitment teams are still skeptical and somewhat reluctant to adopt AI technology.

But fear not. According to Dave Millner, AI technology is here not to replace us but to complement our efforts.

HR departments can now easily and fearlessly harness the power of AI knowing that ultimate control still rests firmly with human professionals.

AI technology won’t replace recruiters – it will make them smarter.

Augmented Intelligence

Dave mentioned how our concept of Artificial Intelligence should shift to Augmented Intelligence.

You’re probably thinking – great, another buzzword, but its impact gets more real daily.

AI is already supercharging hiring pipelines by reducing the operational burden, making automation of low-level tasks and data extraction feasible, and thus enabling sound hiring decisions by experts.

Recruiters that work with machines enhance their strengths and address their weaknesses. By adding machines to their toolkit, they make hiring process more efficient and effective than ever before.