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Search & Match

In-depth searches and clustering functionalities to build smart lists of employees.


Leverage the power of your HR & Employee data

Leverage the invaluable data contained in your database to intelligently and quickly find the best talent for a job.

EVA’s intuitive faceted search & AI-Matching capabilities reduce time identifying specific talent and eliminate time-consuming searches.

leverage the talent in your systems

Why EVA for Talent Searching & Matching?

As soon as a job is created in EVA–or pulled into the platform from an external system– EVA automatically and continuously matches candidates based on criteria outlined in the job vacancy. EVA offers several fields for text input and criteria weighting.

Semantic Search

Driven by deep learning, our semantic engine not only strive to understand search intent but intelligently expands queries via industry-specific terminology.

Filter based search

Create, copy, modify, save and share filters mix to drill down to exactly the type of candidates you need within a Linkedin-like advanced mode experience.

Elasticsearch Search

More powerful than Boolean searches. It allows you to store complex queries on several weighted parameters, analyse vast volumes of candidates and sort them with pinpoint precision in milliseconds

Intelligent Longlists

EVA automatically compiles a ranked list of relevant candidates based on the criteria specified within the vacancy once manually created or pulled into EVA. EVA will continuously update this list with new candidates in real-time.

Weights & Parameters

Leverage any parameters and add weights to sort and surface people according to the most needed job requirements.

Global Search

Empowers agents to quickly search and locate pivotal pieces of information based on keywords across the entire HCM portal, look up a job or find stakeholders based on personal information.
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Other complementary modules to drive sustainable HCM

Align all your initiatives with EVA talent management solutions within one revolutionary platform.


Onboard & Train

Conversational automation and personalised recommendations to eliminate time-consuming onboarding activities such as collecting administrative documents, compliance, contract signature and recommending L&D materials.
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Engage & Support

Strengthen EVP, increase productivity, decrease burnout by deploying a consistent engagement strategy powered by conversational AI, personalised recommendation and process automation.
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Search & Match

User-friendly powerful Search and Job Matching module to filter, sort and intelligently rank employees based on dozens of parameters.
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Capacity & Mobility

Accelerate your internal mobility and optimise your HR Capacity with conversation AI and intelligent recommendations of jobs to your people and talent to your HR team.
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Workforce Analytics

Reports and BI dashboards for leaders and decision-makers to understand how to drive employee performance and sustainable HCM.
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