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Attract, Develop, Retain Talent

Why EVA Talent Management 4.0?

Our Cognitive technologies assist in scalable employee engagement and keeping up to date with organisation skills and capacities. When talent intelligence becomes your strongest asset, workforce decisions are data-driven, automated and compelling. Design your talent lifecycle end to end with EVA’s cognitive recipe:

Conversation AI, AI/ML Recommendations, Process Automation and People Insights.


Onboard and Train

EVA’s new hire onboarding leverages conversational automation and personalised recommendations to eliminate previously time-consuming tasks such as collecting administrative documents and proofs for compliance and e-sign contracts.
  • HRs can design comprehensive onboarding strategies for various contract types, countries, leadership & executive onboarding, etc.
  • Improve productivity with digital assistance by providing prompt responses to standards FAQs, automating recommendations to guides and learning materials, post-training assessments, satisfaction surveys, and more.
  • Update and share onboarding details with all the HR stakeholders and enable collaborative and quick access to information.
EVA Onboarding & Training
Eva chatbot AI interview
Engage and Support your talent 24/7

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a surefire formula for productivity, retention, and keeping the work momentum. Talent managers can boldly & proactively execute need-of-the-hour engagement strategies leveraging EVA’s communication hub & conversational AI.
  • Organise and track all your internal HR communications and engagement campaigns in a branded configurable HCM portal
  • Nurture passive talent, customise messages to execute your retention strategies, initiate referral programs, and collect timely feedback from your employees.
  • Automate custom queries & responses from your organisation’s HR Policies & Employee Handbook (powered by EVA LLM).
Internal Applicants MATCHING & HCM AI Recommendations

Search & Match

EVA’s powerful search and job match intelligently ranks and recommends talent based on a dozen of parameters. This module comes with pre-loaded intelligent queries giving your HR team dynamic recommendations.
  • Find and match complementary and adjacent skills from your internal talent pool; EVA leverages your HRMS, CRM, ERP systems data to analyse your organisation profiles, skills, and job vacancies data.
  • Leverage AI recommendation algorithms to match the right job-skills-talent combinations and take control of your time-to-hire metrics.
  • Build automated talent pools, lists, and clusters using AI/ML search for various categories such as top-performing talent, employees eligible for promotion, likely to churn, recommended for reskilling and so on. Use dynamic(powered by screening widgets)for faster search & shortlist.
  • Manage your User Groups for private jobs or assignments and create independent talent lists for special hiring requirements.
Eva chatbot AI interview
Organisation Outlook on Talent Optimisation

Capacity & Mobility

Create a centralised shop to mobilise and provide your talent with opportunities – job vacancies, gigs & assignments, and learning programmes. EVA helps to visualise your global capacity, performance and gaps to assist HR managers’ decision processes, and succession planning, gauge the risks of organisation change and automate action plans.
  • Digital Skill Mapping / Global Capacity: Build an accurate and constantly up-to-date picture of your organisation’s capabilities leveraging chatbot data collection campaigns. 
  • Baseline your organisation skills and job descriptions/CVs to build custom Skill Taxonomy. Make skills your talent currency for hiring, learning, and identifying next-gen talent.
  • Internal Talent Mobility: Intelligently recommend job vacancies and missions to your people for hiring, redeployment, job rotation, and internal gigs…Transition employees smoothly from one job or function to another, especially for large-scale restructurings or critical mission deployments.
  • Career Pathways: Recommended competitive learning paths based on skills, experience and employee interests with EVA’s AI/ML algorithms and support employee ownership of career development.
  • Workforce Planning: Align your workforce supply and demand with EVA’s AI capacity planning algorithm to analyse current capacities, skills, and performance trends (supply) and predict future hiring needs and HCM investments (demand).
Talent Intelligence on Dashboards

Workforce Analytics

EVA augments leaders and decision-makers with talent analytics to understand how to prioritise, and drive performance for sustainable HCM such as D&I opportunities in job pipelines & talent pools, the implementation of internal mobility programs or satisfaction of EVA recommendations.
  • Identify relevant data, questions, charts, filters & drill-downs to conduct specific HCM analysis at macro and granular levels.
  • Generate insightful reports on any element across your data lake (companies, departments, processes, people, jobs, D&I…).
  • Gain visibility and address bottlenecks in operations and talent skill gaps.
  • Predict risks and assess the impact.
Eva Hiring Analytics with Artificial Intelligence

Talent Management Goals we swear by

Well Being

To make work more streamlined and offer people more time to focus on higher-level tasks, EVA conversational AI assistant intelligently communicates with people at scale and automate within a simple, user-friendly interface.


To maintain human resources at optimal performance, EVA helps match the right people with the right skills at the right time for current and future business and project demands.


EVA understands job requirements and your candidates' and employees' interests, competencies, and career aspirations to recommend relevant job opportunities.


EVA aligns, inform, and coordinate all groups of stakeholders in workflows to improve fragmented processes into cohesive, transparent ones.


To help people reach their full potential, EVA recommends learning and development materials that fit the companies’ operational needs.


EVA ensures equal and unbiased access to opportunities to manage a demographically diverse and equitable workforce efficiently and effectively.

New HR 4.0 components in R&D

EVA’s cutting-edge automation platform continues to innovate, turning employee insights into sustainable HR goals.

D&I Matching

Mitigate human prejudice and promote diversity & inclusion of different socioeconomic backgrounds in your workforce by generating D&I-compliant lists of employees. Anonymise search & match, govern your input data to be bias-free and customise blind recruitment methods on EVA.

HR Services

Powered by EVA LLM, support to most Frequently Asked Questions, with conversations unique to your organisation & data. Rely on advanced Conversational AI to respond quickly and accurately to inquiries about talent profiles, recruitment FAQs, HR policies, internal mobility procedures, succession plans and employee handbooks.

L&D Bot

Recommend relevant learning and development materials so your teams take accountability for their career growth and upskill to reach their full potential.

Employee EX

EVA Bot collects and parses fresh and frequent insights (feedback, performance and more). Be in the know-how of your employees' sentiments and well-being.

Commuting Optimisation

To solve both economic and environmental challenges, EVA puts both workforce expertise and organisational demands on the map in real-time, avoiding waste in telecommuting or transport.

Hybrid - Flexi Models

EVA adapts talent operations to flexible work and hybrid models with Mobile HR communication, Video Interviewing, Remote onboarding & e-Sign, and Flexible deployment for gig work, volunteering, and job rotation.
We heard the first step is the hardest

Step today into the world of
HR 4.0

EVA talent management

Other complementary modules to drive sustainable HCM

Align all your initiatives with EVA talent management solutions within one revolutionary platform.


Onboard & Train

Conversational automation and personalised recommendations to eliminate time-consuming onboarding activities such as collecting administrative documents, compliance, contract signature and recommending L&D materials.
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Engage & Support

Strengthen EVP, increase productivity, decrease burnout by deploying a consistent engagement strategy powered by conversational AI, personalised recommendation and process automation.
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Search & Match

User-friendly powerful Search and Job Matching module to filter, sort and intelligently rank employees based on dozens of parameters.
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Capacity & Mobility

Accelerate your internal mobility and optimise your HR Capacity with conversation AI and intelligent recommendations of jobs to your people and talent to your HR team.
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Workforce Analytics

Reports and BI dashboards for leaders and decision-makers to understand how to drive employee performance and sustainable HCM.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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