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EVA the AI specialist in Talent Acquisition HR 4.0
find and hire the best talent

Why EVA Talent Acquisition 4.0?

The Talent Acquisition solution that leaves repetitive, tedious work to intelligent robots.

Transform the work of your resourcing / talent acquisition team for more responsiveness, persistence & cadence.

Helped by conversational AI and predictive algorithms, EVA combines the functionalities of both an ATS and CRM in a single platform.

EVA is a unique hiring solution on the market, configurable to any recruitment workflows (FTE permanent, contract/temp, white & blue collars, alumni), and modular to complement your existing systems.

Reduce time-to-fill, simplify administrative work and hire without bias.

EVA doesn't just remove low-value, mundane and time-consuming tasks from the day-to-day lives of your recruiters. It also provides the necessary tools to promote fairness and transparency for both talent and hiring managers.

EVA ensures equal and unbiased access to information, knowledge and opportunities from start to end of recruitment funnels.

Talent Acquisition 4.0 by Eva

How EVA Transforms Your Talent Acquisition Function

EVA’s powerful automation worfklows streamline manual, time-consuming tasks, saving each of your hiring team members up to 25 hours per week.


Automate up to 85% of your recruiters’ work


Transformed completely — from applications to onboarding with a branded recruitment portal

Job Search

Leading job search functionality for your career website applicants.


Manage & post job adverts to 300+ job boards & social media instantly with one click.


Search external cv libraries & databases to import new candidates in just one click.


Conversational AI engaging and nurturing 24/7 your candidates in personalised way.


Learning to get more effective over time & Using Ethical AI algorithms for Diversity & Inclusion.


View all candidate engagements and interactions in a single window.


Fair, attractive and engaging screening questions delivered in a conversational fashion.


Automated scheduling with chatbot convos & calendar sync.


Automate the process for video & recorded interviews.


In-depth, in real-time across 43 metrics.


Turn every recruiter decision into a continuous insight loop.


Automatically & consistently with personalised chatbot convos.


Search on all job boards and import candidates in just one click.


Make 10x more calls with automated call queues.


Send directly in EVA manually, automatically or in bulk.


Candidates in real-time about status changes in their application.


Consistent & engaging across their entire hiring process.


Flexible and comprehensive GDPR - compliant actions.


Use the chatbot as your new instant message channel.


Use EVABot to chat directly on Facebook and Instagram.

Give your TA teams, hiring managers & candidates an HR 4.0 journey

Data & Information Security

Your company's data is secure and secluded in the cloud, on-premise or a mix of both. Information is accessible to specific user groups to prevent information leaks. EVA meets the most stringent IT security and cyber protection standards.

Modular or End-to-End

Each component of our TA system is open for API and can be embedded and customised to give you incredible configuration agility. Our tech ecosystem has a broad reach providing massive potentials for integrations.

AI-enabled System

EVA's AI assistant works 24/7 to make life easier for candidates, recruiters, managers and leaders. EVA engages, prioritizes, learns and recommends the best next step to streamline your workflow processes.

User-friendly Experience

To make your users' journeys easy & the work of your people enjoyable, EVA was built from day one with a human-centred design and the latest user experience methodologies.

Dashboards & Reports

Build real-time reports based on your hiring data. Query, slice and dice your hiring data based on performance metrics, communication funnels, engagement effectiveness, KPIs and more.

Gain insights across your entire talent acquisition funnel and drive meaningful change based on what’s going on right now.

Talent Acquisition 4.0 and Talent management by Eva
Eva recruiting_with_ai
addressing your current and future challenges

Why are we different?

EVA’s strength lies in meeting an organisation’s specific needs. EVA solves real business problems and is a trusted, transparent and reliable partner for your success.

Our engineering team is guided by a fast-paced and ambitious roadmap that ensures you meet today's business requirements, and will evolve alongside you as your organisational needs change.

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer service, user training and onboarding for small and large teams.

0x ROI
within 6 to 9 months of going live
talent acquisition team productivity increase

TA 4.0 Modules to breakout performance

From one revolutionary modular platform, leverage EVA's Talent Acquisition technology modules to align all your hiring initiatives and grow sustainably.


Source & Attract

EVA gives you the smartest sourcing options so that you can attract and pipeline the best candidates fast.
Read more

Search & Match

EVA's intuitive AI-powered candidate matching and faceted search functionalities solve the problem of strategically surfacing the talent that are the most relevant to your job requirements while providing equal opportunities and transparency in your processes.
Read more

Engage & Nurture

EVA ensures every candidate engages with your organisation 24/7, on-demand, in a consistent personalised fashion at scale. From the conversations and data EVA collects, your organisation keeps your Talent pool engaged and nurtured.
Read more

Screen & Assess

Deploy EVA Bot to automatically pre-screen high volumes of applicants faster and help assess best-fit without sacrificing candidate experience or employer brand. EVA priority ranking recommendations free recruiters to focus their efforts on engaging prequalified top prospects.
Read more

Schedule & Interview

Take your interview scheduling to the next level with EVA's coordination & workflow automations. EVA seamlessly help you manage and schedule interviews, meetings and shifts in your calendars automatically.
Read more

Hiring Analytics

EVA’s recruitment - hiring analytics capabilities give your talent acquisition - resourcing teams real-time insights, so they can make the best decisions, faster.
Read more

EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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