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Source & Attract

Hiring the best people starts with having better options.
EVA gives you the smartest sourcing options so that you can attract and pipeline the best candidates fast.

Candidate Experience

Candidate Sourcing & Talent Attraction with EVA

Job Search + Chatbot Popup Widget

Beyond static career sites

Deployed on your existing career sites, EVA Job Search and Chatbot Popup Widget display your vacancies and proactively kick-off conversations during the application process.

When a candidate applies for the first time, EVA Bot registers, pre-screens and answer your FAQ. EVA then guides them to their personalised portal - branded to your organisation colours - helps them build their talent profile and recommend jobs that fit their career and aspirations.
Increases your EVP and ensures that you’re delivering a world-class candidate experience.

  • 24/7 mobile-optimised intelligent chatbot engagement
  • Multi-faceted job search vacancy with pipeline automation
  • Seamless transition between Job search, Pre-screening, Profile Management and FAQ modes

Attract more candidates

EVA enables hiring teams to build powerful shortlists from multiple sources on a single screen.

  • Eliminate manual data entry and post jobs across your preferred job boards in a single click (Indeed, Zip, Reed, Jobsite and more…)
  • Advertise video jobs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more
  • Intelligently combs through third-party CV databases natively from EVA, then import relevant CVs at scale (TotalJobs, CV-Library, Resume Library and more…)
  • Feed your talent pools by leveraging EVA Candidate Leads partners and find high-profile candidate leads to outreach.
  • Automatically import inbound applications from your email inbox to the job pipeline in EVA.

Say goodbye to form-based applications

Long and static application forms increase churn during the job application process. EVA allows candidates to apply for jobs via a two-way engaging conversation with our Conversational Assistant. EVA Bot is available 24/7, so candidates can apply to join your company whenever and on whatever device they choose.

  • 5-10 minutes application time
  • 70-90% application completion rate
  • Apply via desktops or mobile devices, without the need to download an app
  • Launch the chatbot widget on your career website
  • Seamlessly lead candidates from job board adverts to the chatbot.

Leverage your existing candidate database

EVA Bot re-engagement campaigns are the fastest, safest, and easiest way to engage with talent in your database that you may have lost contact with as your organisational needs changed.

EVA Bot is configured to engage with candidates and collect updated information around their work experience and professional growth.

Hiring teams can define automation rules (e.g. after x months, get work experience updates).

EVA Bot’s re-engagement functionality ensures that hiring teams always have a pool of nurtured talent they can potentially hire. 

Effective Candidate Pipelining / TALENT POOLING

Qualified candidates at your fingertips

EVA has multiple ways of quickly adding candidates to your pipelines automatically and effectively.

  • Launch an engagement campaign with candidates to facilitate the application process
  • Match on job requirements and pipeline dozens of relevant candidates with one click
  • Create intelligent queries based on desired parameters such as current job title, companies job type, skills, tags etc. and EVA will automatically outreach to candidates matching the parameters by email, SMS and messenger

EVA Source & Attract Module in a nutshell


Search on all job boards and import candidates in just one click


Post job adverts to 300+ job boards instantly with one click


Leverage diverse search tools to find candidates in your database


Using ethical AI that gets more effective over time with machine learning


Automatically & proactively send suitable jobs to candidates


Auto-import applications from your email & add them to the workflow


Import and call candidates and clients directly in LinkedIn

1-Click Import

Search on all job boards and import candidates in just one click


Discover the best sources (e.g. job boards) & track key sourcing metrics


Post job adverts while the chatbot manages apps via messenger

Job Boards

Automated scheduling with chatbot & calendar sync


CVs into EVA to automatically parse data & creates a profile


Launch the chatbot on your career site to manage the application process


Get candidates excited to join your company and then help them do it

Hiring Analytics

In-depth, real-time, and across 43 metrics
We heard the first step is the hardest

Step today into the world of
HR 4.0

Achieve Breakout Performance with EVA

From one revolutionary modular platform leverage EVA's talent acquisition technology modules to align all your hiring initiatives and grow sustainably.


Source & Attract

EVA gives you the smartest sourcing options so that you can attract and pipeline the best candidates fast.
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Search & Match

EVA's intuitive AI-powered candidate matching and faceted search functionalities solve the problem of strategically surfacing the talent that are the most relevant to your job requirements while providing equal opportunities and transparency in your processes.
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Engage & Nurture

EVA ensures every candidate engages with your organisation 24/7, on-demand, in a consistent personalised fashion at scale. From the conversations and data EVA collects, your organisation keeps your Talent pool engaged and nurtured.
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Screen & Assess

Deploy EVA Bot to automatically pre-screen high volumes of applicants faster and help assess best-fit without sacrificing candidate experience or employer brand. EVA priority ranking recommendations free recruiters to focus their efforts on engaging prequalified top prospects.
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Schedule & Interview

Take your interview scheduling to the next level with EVA's coordination & workflow automations. EVA seamlessly help you manage and schedule interviews, meetings and shifts in your calendars automatically.
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Hiring Analytics

EVA’s recruitment - hiring analytics capabilities give your talent acquisition - resourcing teams real-time insights, so they can make the best decisions, faster.
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