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Total Workforce Planning Automation

The only cutting-edge solution on the market that allies Predictive Analytics, Conversational AI and Workforce Process Automation for more sustainability in Human Capital Management (HCM).

Designed to serve as the cornerstone of your organisation’s Talent HyperAutomation efforts, this module provides advanced features ranging from Intelligent Personas Clustering to Automation for Sustainable Human Capital Management. Delve into game-changing functionalities and benefits of Total Workforce Planning Automation.

In-time Talent Acquisition​
talent acquisition software
Capacity & Mobility by Eva Internal mobility
Proactive Talent Management​

Why EVA Total Workforce Automation - powered by AI

Make your talent management smart, sustainable, and strategic with EVAai’s Total Workforce Automation powered by AI. Revolutionalise your approach to workforce planning.

Sustainable HCM

Guide your organisation towards perfect information and optimal resource mobility and all the key elements for a sustainable human capital management strategy.

Ease of Integration

EVA platform's robust connectors mean you can easily sync up with your existing systems and platforms.

AI Capabilities

From intelligent persona clustering to predictive analytics and scenario-based automation, our AI-driven features make talent management smart, proactive, and prepared for the future.
Look from Outside In and Inside Out

Workforce Planning Automation Solved!
Skill Mapping


Sync with the Status Quo: Conversational AI & Connectors


Integrations: Seamlessly integrate with your existing HR systems to compile organisation-wide talent profiles, skills, and job data.

Up-to-date Information: Utilize EVA AI Bot’s conversational campaigns to continually gather current, pertinent data from your talent pool.

Quality and Quantity Insights: Inquire within your HR functions about the performance and volume of talent in both the hiring funnel and the mobility/succession/promotion pipelines.

Discover what data to collect with our EVA HCM Consultant



The core of proactive talent management: Intelligent Personas and Predictive AI


Audit Your Talent Supply: Use our predictive analytics to scrutinize your existing talent supply, identifying historical and current trends as well as bright spots and outliers.

Semantic Analysis and Intelligent Clusters: EVA’s AI Engine delves deep into the workforce, offering semantic skill analysis, intelligent clustering of personas, and smart, actionable recommendations.

Predictive Hiring guidance: Accelerate your hiring decisions and optimally allocate your investments toward future-required skills and profiles, all thanks to our advanced predictive analytics.

Customise dashboards with your choice of priority insights.

Eva Candidate Screening & Assessment

Redefining HCM Operations: Scenario-based automation


In-time Talent Acquisition: Combine creative and timely recruitment strategies for the right scenarios. Include programmatic ads, dynamic screening at any transition and streamline longlisting/shortlisting.

Regular Evaluation Campaigns: Automate periodic talent reviews, utilising EVA’s interactive notifications for real-time, critical talent assessments.

Dynamic Talent Pipelines: Prepare for succession and promotions by recommending jobs, missions and learning setting up dynamic talent pipelines. Use EVA AI Bot to collect career interests and preferences directly from your employees.

Brainstorm the strategic next steps to predictive insights with EVA


EVA.ai addresses HCM pain points with unparalleled solutions

Whether you're looking to engage high-performing talent, re-energize passive employees, or achieve specific diversity and inclusion goals, our platform has got you covered.

Intelligent Talent Persona Clustering

Surfacing Talent

EVA AI algorithms identify and prioritise talent with in-demand skills, aligning them with your strategic objectives.

Team Diversity

We ensure a balanced workforce by addressing psycho-behavior and demographic skews within organizational structures.

Talent-Job Matching

Interested Candidates

Align and Match individuals with job grades and career paths they are interested in.

Skills & Proficiency

Identify talent based on the most recent and relevant skills and competencies they possess.

Predictive Analytics

Churn and Tenure

Predict which individuals or talent pools are most likely to stay or leave the organisation.

Succession Planning

Identify talent who has the potential, experience, and position to be promoted.

Workforce Analytics

HR Dashboards

Talent flow insights, analytics on job pipelines, process efficiency, capacity maps.

Talent Intelligence

Skills taxonomy, supply-demand analytics, demand forecasts, trends & gaps analysis.

In-time Talent Acquisition

Programmatic Job Ads

In-house head hunting and creative talent acquisition methods.

Automated Screening

AI-driven long-listing and short-listing of candidates.

Proactive Talent Management

Employee Evaluation

Periodic review campaigns for comprehensive employee assessments.

Career Progression

Retain high-performing talent by showing them a clear path forward to jobs & skilling opportunities.
The right mix for Strategic Workforce Planning

Data, Technology, Analytics, Algorithms, and Automation

Other complementary modules to drive sustainable HCM

Align all your initiatives with EVA talent management solutions within one revolutionary platform.


Onboard & Train

Conversational automation and personalised recommendations to eliminate time-consuming onboarding activities such as collecting administrative documents, compliance, contract signature and recommending L&D materials.
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Engage & Support

Strengthen EVP, increase productivity, decrease burnout by deploying a consistent engagement strategy powered by conversational AI, personalised recommendation and process automation.
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Search & Match

User-friendly powerful Search and Job Matching module to filter, sort and intelligently rank employees based on dozens of parameters.
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Capacity & Mobility

Accelerate your internal mobility and optimise your HR Capacity with conversation AI and intelligent recommendations of jobs to your people and talent to your HR team.
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Total Workforce Planning Automation

Reports and BI dashboards for leaders and decision-makers to understand how to drive employee performance and sustainable HCM.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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