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new hire process management

Onboarding & Training

EVA’s Onboarding and Training modules ensure new hires settle into their roles as efficiently as possible and keep on learning new skills relevant to their profile.

Why? Because a ‘talent experience’ shouldn’t end when an offer is signed.


Why EVA Onboard & Train?

One of the most important goals to drive new hires’ effectiveness is actively engaging with them during the onboarding and training phases.

With EVA, your team can configure automation and design the look and feel of every touchpoint within the new hire experience.

Personalised & Relevant

EVA Bot can deliver a personalised message and handle communications in the days, weeks or months leading up to a new hire’s first day.

Conversational & Remote

EVA’s engaging chatbot conversations, web forms and employee portals can transform the pre-boarding and induction experience, helping you adapt to the new remote way of work.

Send & Collect Documents

Decrease time & money spent on admin tasks by automating documentation gathering with EVA Bot.


Our e-signature integration makes it possible for new hires to sign legal documents, including offer letters, agreements and policies.

Forms to Conversations

Use EVA Bot to collect information that would otherwise live on a form and parse this information in real-time across your systems.

On-demand Induction

Deliver personalised welcome videos and other content, on any device, in any country or timezone via EVA Automation.

Deliver Targeted Training Content

Automate personalised training content delivery that tailors tangible information to every new hire.

Integrate with Ease

Bring your legacy systems or connect new ones. EVA allows for bi-directional connectivity across your onboarding use case.

First Impressions Matter

Tailor onboarding experiences based on role type or level, business area, geography, or any other parameters of your choosing.

  • Give every new hire access to an always-on employee portal
  • Give on-demand answers to Frequently Asked Questions by EVA Bot
  • Make them sign contracts electronically via Docusign
  • Familiarise new hires with company culture and policies via document links and engaging videos
  • Ask them to upload diplomas, work visas, driving licenses & certifications, etc. for your diligence
  • Ask them to pass aptitude assessment tests and training courses

AI-recommendation of Learning & Development Content

You have the content needed to support your leaders and employees’ learning and development, but how can you make it easy to find what content they need?

With EVA AI-recommendation for learning and development materials, intelligently and proactively push relevant L&D content around key topics, technologies or areas of expertise to people clustered by needs and aspirations.

  • Recommend relevant L&D content to employees
  • Automate and personalise learning and development strategies into their daily schedule
Consistency and Optimisation

Use Advanced automations to power onboarding & learning

Assign roles, automate next action steps and centralise new hire information so that every member of your HR team understands their role in the onboarding process.

  • Setup automated tasks and reminders so that every HR team member can stay on top of their input during the onboarding and learning processes
  • Implement detailed new-hire engagement strategy based on if/then rules for seamless onboarding and learning experiences
  • Facilitate omnichannel engagement, utilising a combination of emails, texts, EVA Bot’s conversational automation
We heard the first step is the hardest

Step today into the world of
HR 4.0

Other complementary modules to drive sustainable HCM

Align all your initiatives with EVA talent management solutions within one revolutionary platform.


Onboard & Train

Conversational automation and personalised recommendations to eliminate time-consuming onboarding activities such as collecting administrative documents, compliance, contract signature and recommending L&D materials.
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Engage & Support

Strengthen EVP, increase productivity, decrease burnout by deploying a consistent engagement strategy powered by conversational AI, personalised recommendation and process automation.
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Search & Match

User-friendly powerful Search and Job Matching module to filter, sort and intelligently rank employees based on dozens of parameters.
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Capacity & Mobility

Accelerate your internal mobility and optimise your HR Capacity with conversation AI and intelligent recommendations of jobs to your people and talent to your HR team.
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Total Workforce Planning Automation

Reports and BI dashboards for leaders and decision-makers to understand how to drive employee performance and sustainable HCM.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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