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EVA connects with a multiverse of systems

EVA connects with the most popular and conventional HR systems like SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, Workday, Salesforce, Sage HR and more.

Anything you do to streamline your HCM operations is a good idea! So, we do not disturb the loyalty towards your legacy enterprise systems and processes, instead, refresh and refit your tech stack to a modern HR 4.0 experience.

Unlock IntegratED Capabilities

EVA Connectors lead into an HR flow state

From talent sourcing to hiring, engaging to onboarding and people analytics, complement your HR value chain with integrations wherever you see fit!

  • You could eliminate tab-switching to push and pull data; have it together in a single UI experience on the EVA platform.
  • Manage applicant tracking (ATS) and candidate relations (CRM) with superior talent engagement efficiencies.
  • Refresh data profiles and add an intelligent dimension to HR workflows with EVA’s AI recommendations, chatbot, and BI suite.
  • Create your wishlists of talent, skills, workforce insights and metrics from different systems and visualise data clutter-free on HR 4.0 portals.

Begin and end HCM Operations on EVA.ai

EVA’s microservice and open API architecture allow teams to connect the systems in use every day, aggregate all of your data and sync whilst ensuring that data moves securely and transparently across your organisation in real-time.

Microservices & Open API Architecture

EVA powers bidirectional sync of data in the connectors ecosystem using unified open API. Built on microservices architecture, EVA can be used as a modular automation layer atop the current HR tech or data lake (bulk data migrations).

Roles, Permissions & User Groups

Roles, permissions and access privileges can be established directly in EVA, allowing for easy management of HR user groups based on specific processes. RBAC maintains integrity in recruitment data, leadership-relevant data & so on.

Augmented Automation Capabilities

Configure self-service requests and workflows on EVA UI to link accounts, query information, retrieve data, standardise & transform data, and follow it back into your HRIS with relevant updates. Manage all transactions on a global dashboard.

Data Privacy and GDPR

EVA transacts with your organisation's data & systems fully adhering to Data Privacy and GDPR compliance mandates. You can run user consent campaigns through EVA Bot to make it easy for Talent/HR Users to opt-out, accept, or modify settings.

Audit and optimise HR Tech stack

EVA takes an HCM consulting approach to rationalise your data logic for unified talent intelligence and maximise the experience of a connected ecosystem to manage your talent lifecycle on a single platform.

Enterprise-grade Security

We will not let your enterprise security compromise with the scale and variety of integrations you choose. EVA provides Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection and intrusion prevention systems that block unauthorised access and suspicious activities. Our policies and processes conform with ISO 27001.
We heard the first step is the hardest

Step today into the world of
HR 4.0


Become efficient and effective at every stage

EVA.ai's automation-first mindset combined with cognitive technologies creates a digital enterprise that is interconnected and capable of making holistic, informed and data-driven decisions that facilitate intelligent outcomes.


Cognitive Product Suite

Explore EVA’s HR 4.0 platform that combines cognitive technologies to build solutions for HR and HCM.
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Conversational AI

EVA Bot, conversational AI assistant engaging 24/7 your people, deployable across multiple HR use-cases and channels.
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Robotic Process Automation

EVA’s Robotic Process Automation gives companies a resilient, scalable and adaptive workflow management system to eliminate manual, repetitive, administrative tasks.
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AI & Machine Learning

EVA Machine Learning is trained around your people data and decisions while mitigating bias with Ethical AI.
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People Analytics

Deliver real-time insights directly to your teams via business intelligence reports and dashboards.
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EVA’s Connectors eliminate silos and leverage your legacy systems data to give your company’s existing tech stack a new life.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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