Your personal AI Recruiter
Eliminate repetitive tasks at unlimited scale

Your personal AI Recruiter
Eliminate repetitive tasks at unlimited scale

Source with no limits

Source with no limits

EVA connects to multiple sources through a single, powerful interface. No more wasted time with endless open tabs and CVs on your desktop.

With EVA, sourcing doesn’t have to be hard work

When you’ve found someone amazing, EVA’s chatbot maintains the relationship and data fresh by periodically keeping in touch – just like a recruiter would.

Get to interview
10x faster

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, EVA automates up to 85% of low-value manual recruiting tasks.

Your job is about to get a lot easier

By taking over the majority of recruiter’s workload, EVA frees recruiters to scale placements and maximize relationships.

Get to interview<br/>10x faster
Receive 5x more responses

Receive 5x more responses

EVA’s chatbot effortlessly handles your top of funnel interactions like screening and further qualifying candidates.

Make more time for high-level, enjoyable work.

EVA provides candidates with a positive experience and highly responsive service that enables them to quickly engage and qualify for jobs.

Increase placements
by 300%

Recruiters is a numbers game. EVA helps you do the numbers.

EVA scales candidate volumes and placements without incurring a proportional cost increase in processing.

Increase placements<br/>by 300%

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You’re in good company

Meet a leadership team behind EVA

Ben Kaminsky
Ben Kaminsky Chief Executive Officer

10+ years in innovations in organization, business intelligence, semantic, NLP

Charlie Markham
Charlie Markham Chief Technical Officer

15+ years in technology, big data, high performance trading systems

Max Knupfer
Max Knupfer Chief Product/Sales Officer

20+ years in hospitality, recruitment and operations

We master our craft

EVA’s team gets certified in key technology areas to keep you up to speed with innovation


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Eva?

EVA is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) recruitment platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate or automate manual tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by agents. 

Do you support my business area?

Yes! EVA technology can be applied to any market or vertical, where you have a reasonable candidate pool size.

Our system is trained using both your data and a generic pool, to ensure that EVA understands language specifically relevant to your business, as well as general terms.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on size of business and the degree of customisation required. Contact us to receive a quick quote.

Which job boards do you support?

At the moment we support direct integration with a select group of job boards that offer high-quality, rich APIs. For the rest, we support Broadbean.

Where custom integrations are desirable or essential for clients, we offer development services.

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We’re a global team, with headquarters in London.

UK headquarters

Henry Wood House
2 Riding House Street
London, W1W 7FA

P: +44 (0) 20 3322 7392