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EVA is unique

HR 4.0 is
is our mindset

Our team combined eight AI and Automation solutions into a single modular platform to transform the HR digital value chain across recruitment, talent management, and workforce planning operations.

Our HCM platform is easily customisable and adapts to your challenges enabling superior personalisations, thanks to HR 4.0 technologies: AI, Automation, and Analytics.

Personalise every hcm stakeholder experience

Portals & CMS

Portals are the future of work for improving people experiences and operational agility. EVA’s Portals are designed to bring out people’s full potential and improve responsiveness by providing relevant information faster, quick links to take action on applications, approvals, reviews, and business decisions.

  • Improve talent experience with a dozen of widgets: AI-powered recommendations, chatbot FAQs, custom content and information feeds, workflow transition shortcuts, personalised learning paths and more.
  • Configure connected and self-service experiences of your user groups such as applicants, new hires, employees, alumni, consultants, recruiters, HR team, hiring managers, finance team, leaders, etc.
Eva bot Candidate Screening & Assessment
EVA NLP / NLU chatbot

HCM Conversational Assistant

EVA Bot is a Conversational AI Assistant dedicated to talent engagement, HR communications and executing supervised admin tasks. EVA Bot learns from real conversations and feedback to continuously improve the quality of HR support.

  • Sidekick the role of digital recruiter & talent manager to collect candidate data, provide relevant recommendations, screen, schedule, and answer HR-related queries 24×7.
  • Run targeted (re)engagement campaigns to achieve HR goals such as team’s pulse check, understand organisation skill distribution, and execute strategies for talent retention.
Custom ML HCM Predictive Algorithms

AI - Machine Learning (ML)

Every decision your Talent, TA, or TM team performs is an invaluable professional insight to capture, analyse, and organise. EVA monitors all of this at scale, compiling a knowledge dataset and identifying statistical patterns.

  • Build resilient recommendation engines and predictive AI algorithms churning jobs, skills, and talent profiles.
  • Create and prioritise your talent pipelines with AI-generated scorecards and take custom actions to manage your hiring, vetting, upskilling, and engagement strategies.
Eva Candidate Screening & Assessment

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

EVA’s RPA is a configurable workflow management system designed to remove the frustration caused by manual, repetitive tasks. Automation is liberating! EVA gives you the flexibility to design your expectations of getting work done faster and collaboratively.

  • Process automation makes recruitment simple and effective by managing candidate funnels, pre-screening and nurturing talent allowing faster movements in the hiring pipeline.
  • Automation delivers an engaging world of work making HR team interactions seamless from process to process i.e. from sourcing to screening, shortlisting and vetting, nurturing and onboarding.

Analytics & BI

EVA People Analytics inform on the why, where and how to help your leaders and managers with forward-looking insights and make data-driven decisions at a personal, team, or department level in real-time.

  • EVA’s Business Intelligence reports and dashboards are generated across thousands of data points and KPIs available in your data lake to track productivity, measure effectiveness and predict trends in your hiring and people management processes.
  • In-platform self-service interactive dashboards are available via externally connected third-party BI software to power your HR team’s strategic analysis.
Eva Hiring Analytics with Artificial Intelligence
modular ecosystem engineered to scale alongside you

Micro-serviced Connectors

EVA’s Connectors eliminate data & process silos by natively integrating a vast ecosystem of tech vendors and by leveraging your legacy systems data to give your company’s existing tech stack a new life.

  • EVA has an open microservice API infrastructure your IT can leverage to connect and sync across sourcing, ATS, CRM, ERP, HRIS, Communication, Data Visualisation…
  • EVA’s teams will commit to configure, deliver and successfully deploy according to the way your tech is stacked, your organisation works and your leaders’ vision.

Why choose when you can get both?


Achieve unprecedented levels of tech innovation with both an ATS & CRM natively built together. All your Applicant Tracking and Candidate Relationship interactions are organised historically in a single repository managed in a beautifully designed user experience. EVA eliminates busywork by enabling:

  • Integration and synchronisation of CV databases, Job boards, Social Media, and Career Websites… to view where your applicants come from.
  • Sales & recruitment marketing with engagement campaign automation to candidates, contacts & clients.
  • Real-time communications across numerous channels automatically and manually, 1:1 or in bulk via chat messengers (Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp), branded emails, VoIP call queues, SMS campaigns & more.
  • Powerful table view mode to sort, filter, create and share lists of candidates, contacts, and colleagues across.

EVA is modular and can augment your existing Applicant Tracking System and Candidate Relationship Management separately!
EVA the AI specialist in Talent Acquisition HR 4.0
Automatically schedule interview by Eva

Virtual Interviews

Whether you are in a hybrid and flexible workplace or interviewing a big list of candidates is on your to-do list, Virtual Interviews are an amazing tool to screen more candidates outside of resumes.

  • Coordinate interviews using video conferencing tools and asynchronous video recording. EVA takes scheduling & rescheduling off your to-do list with calendar sync, automated texts and email reminders to reduce no-show rates.
  • Improve remote hiring and prescreening experience with unique video assessment questions, and record responses in video and audio for review and assessment by hiring teams.
  • Analysis of the response transcripts of the audio and gesture/intonation analysis on the video (optional) will also provide some additional metrics to assess suitability for the designated position.
We heard the first step is the hardest

Step today into the world of
HR 4.0

Digital HR Transformation

Why HR 4.0?

HR is about working with people and helping them grow for the sustainable growth of the organisation. Cognitive technologies applied for HR 4.0 leaves repetitive, tedious work to robots and renders work productive & exciting.

Increase People Productivity

Outcome-based automation removes bottlenecks and increases operational efficiency to provide fast and personalised user experiences.

Facilitate Operational Agility

Configure, implement and manage productivity-driven processes; future-proof your business by giving your HCM function the flexibility to adapt to change.

Eliminate Data Silos

Centralise all your data by integrating your legacy systems, siloed processes and fragmented workflows into EVA. Rationalise the duplication of effort and eliminate inefficiencies.

Implement Measurability

All connected HCM activities can and should be measured and used to inform decisions. HR managers can leverage EVA’s powerful business intelligence suite to drive people management strategies.

Focus on Your People

Utilise EVA’s people-first HCM solutions to reduce employee churn, increase employee engagement and increase the capacity of HR leaders to focus on high-value tasks.

Designed to Scale

Promote scalability and support integrations with EVA. Add-up or scale down as and when requirements change, with EVA acting as the backbone that supports and manages your tech stack.

Become efficient and effective at every stage

EVA.ai's automation-first mindset and its converged cognitive technologies create your digital enterprise. An enterprise, not only interconnected but also capable of making holistic, informed and data-driven decisions.


Cognitive Product Suite

Explore EVA’s HR 4.0 platform that combines cognitive technologies to build solutions for HR and HCM.
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Conversational AI

EVA Bot, conversational AI assistant engaging 24/7 your people, deployable across multiple HR use-cases and channels.
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Robotic Process Automation

EVA’s Robotic Process Automation gives companies a resilient, scalable and adaptive workflow management system to eliminate manual, repetitive, administrative tasks.
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AI & Machine Learning

EVA Machine Learning is trained around your people data and decisions while mitigating bias with Ethical AI.
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People Analytics

Deliver real-time insights directly to your teams via business intelligence reports and dashboards.
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EVA’s Connectors eliminate silos and leverage your legacy systems data to give your company’s existing tech stack a new life.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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