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Mckinsey: Reimagining HR


Elevate HR through digitalization by automating processes, especially traditional administrative tasks; by gathering, analyzing, and acting on employee data to make more informed decisions; and by implementing mobile self-services to elevate the quality of delivery.

Design your Productivity Superpowers with
EVA’s RPA Solutions

HR Digital Journey

Interactions with your candidates, employees and HR functional teams can be agile, adaptive, and automated with specific behaviours and requirements. Discover new ways to manage your manual and repetitive HR processes with configurable workflows.

Connected Experience

Automation allows keeping a tab on real-time data from your HR systems, talent/HCM portals, and candidate transactions such as pipeline movements, to deliver a connected experience, visibility, and transparency into HR operations.


Automation picks up where AI delivers. This is a smart duo that builds a cognitive shortcut to your talent operations. When EVA’s AI generates talent pools with match scores, automation triggers the custom logical actions to engage with the selected list.

Data Management

Collect data from candidates, employees and from your legacy systems to automatically build talent profiles with up-to-date information and documents. This works with RPA in tandem with API connectors and EVA’s Conversational AI

Pre-built Functions

EVA hosts standard automation functions to jumpstart and customise your HCM workflows. Use templates, pre-built forms, widgets and interfaces to enter the HR flow state and build at scale by complementing your workflows with EVA’s cognitive suite.

Automated Compliance

Create your compliance mandates within your process workflows and minimise your preparation for audits. Automate categorising your candidate documents and manage custom checklists leveraging process automation on the EVA platform.
Powerful Process Automation solutions

Intelligent Automation for HR on EVA Platform

Workflows are the canvas on which people, processes and tech automation with AI can converge. EVA gives you pre-configured out-of-the-box RPA templates that are easily customised to your team for your specific use case(s).

Job Requisition Management

Hiring managers can use the 100+ job request templates pre-built on EVA to specify recruitment requirements, deployment types (permanent, gig, contract…) and initiate the hiring process. Automate notifications and track the status of hiring operations.

Recruitment Marketing

Automate outreach and job posting on different channels, send targeted emails to prospective candidates and organise your CRM for timely engagement with passive and active talent.

Candidate Applications

Monitor and notify the hiring teams on candidate pipeline movements and immediate actions to be taken based on the hiring stages such as collecting more information, sharing with hiring managers for approval and feedback.

Candidate Assessments

EVA works with your hiring teams to enable fast, fair and objective evaluations of candidates within a job pipeline. EVA initiates feedback collection via simple calls-to-action or more in-depth submissions (scoring, ranking or notes).

Vetting & Approvals

Facilitate collaboration between your recruitment, vetting and hiring teams on candidate decisions and approvals in a self-managed workflow. See how your team’s responsiveness improves!

Engagement & Scheduling

Never miss a follow-up with a candidate. EVA engages candidates based on rule-based outcomes that drive next-action steps, e.g. sending reminders, emails or cancelling interviews after x number of attempts.

Custom Workflows

Design multiple custom workflows to reflect the different stages of your HR processes and seamlessly steer into any workflow journey with trigger actions like status change, time lapse, or your business rules.

Reporting & Dashboards

Generate automated reports with custom metrics & dashboards tailored to your leaders, managers, and agents. Key updates captured from workflows interactions power your decisions forward.

Start your RPA Journey with EVA.ai

Automation is contagious and liberating. You can’t stop with one workflow. Here is how to get started

Process Discovery
  • Process audit
  • CAR automation roadmap
RPA Planning
  • Maturity assessments
  • Process mapping and design 
  • Process optimisation
RPA Implementation
  • Architecture setup
  • Workflow developments
  • Refactoring existing processes
  • Business automation implementation
  • Project support
  • Employee training and onboarding
  • Best-practice workshops

Become efficient and effective at every stage

EVA.ai's automation-first mindset combined with cognitive technologies creates a digital enterprise that is interconnected and capable of making holistic, informed and data-driven decisions that facilitate intelligent outcomes.


Cognitive Product Suite

Explore EVA’s HR 4.0 platform that combines cognitive technologies to build solutions for HR and HCM.
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Conversational AI

EVA Bot, conversational AI assistant engaging 24/7 your people, deployable across multiple HR use-cases and channels.
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Robotic Process Automation

EVA’s Robotic Process Automation gives companies a resilient, scalable and adaptive workflow management system to eliminate manual, repetitive, administrative tasks.
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AI & Machine Learning

EVA Machine Learning is trained around your people data and decisions while mitigating bias with Ethical AI.
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People Analytics

Deliver real-time insights directly to your teams via business intelligence reports and dashboards.
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EVA’s Connectors eliminate silos and leverage your legacy systems data to give your company’s existing tech stack a new life.
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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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