Can AI do your job? Sure, some of it.

Can AI take away your job? Not likely.

As we continue to build, we are always reminded of the fact that although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is extremely efficient at automating low-value tasks, it is almost impossible for AI   to replace the most critical aspects of a parts of recruiter’s jobs that require personal and emotional engagement.

Here are the top 4 recruitment skills AI is unlikely to replace:

  • Evaluating candidate interpersonal skills
  • Negotiating offers and convincing candidates to accept
  • Judging “culture add” or “culture fit”
  • Building relationships with candidates

AI is most helpful at sourcing, screening (in particular building long-lists), scheduling interviews, engaging with, and nurturing candidates. Think of it as Augmented Intelligence that is faster and smarter at analyzing more information than you could alone.

Paradoxically, the more you invest in technology, the more you can invest in the human side of the job.

What’s the #1 recruiting task you would hand over to your AI assistant?