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The Role of NLP in Hiring Process Automation

Talent Acquisition teams rely on human qualities and interaction, especially during the hiring process. Emerging and existing technologies continue to change the nature of work and make hiring data-centric. Processing and assessing talent data is paramount for the organisation and the sustainability of your hiring processes. However, how can technology that lacks all nuances of the human psyche apply to something so human-specific?

In this case, Natural Language Processing (NLP), an artificial intelligence (AI) subfield, becomes prominent.

What is Natural Language Processing?

Natural Language Processing gives a computer the ability to understand human language in its spoken or written form. This artificial intelligence component can listen to or read human interactions, identify the wording, and understand the meaning of what is said.

NLP action’s daily uses include spell checks, autocompletion, or asking Alexa, EVA, Siri or Google Assistant questions. Programming languages are most strict, and though human languages have formally defined a grammar, they evolve. Dialects, slang and abbreviations fall out of that grammar, but in NLP’s expertise field. NLP can deploy automation processes within your hiring systems, reduce bias, improve candidate experience, and much more.

NLP for Talent Acquisition Teams

Recruitment processes are lengthy and can become repetitive. NLP can simplify every step of the hiring funnel. NLP use-cases can start from understanding job descriptions; A.I. +NLP  can learn from past data and interactions to improving and iterate optimal interactions with candidates.

During the recruitment process, hiring teams review enormous amounts of resumes for a single job posting. Amongst this unstructured data, NLP can deliver optimal insights and matches through a detailed and automated analysis for screening applicants. For example, through a job description submitted as the search request, EVA.ai can return a selected list of the best-qualified candidates from a database based on resumes’ language.

Criteria for the ideal candidate like skills, education or experience can be set. EVA.ai can then analyse and screen potential candidates. NLP can be used to create matching algorithms that automatically recommend jobs for candidates, candidates for positions. Natural language processing saves precious time analysing, processing and screening candidates.

NLP is not only a tool allowing easy, automated resume screening and data processing, reducing the hiring time and saving money; it can also help increase diversity amongst candidates by removing subconscious bias. However, artificial intelligence technology remains relatively limited, given that it lacks nearly all human intelligence nuances. Therefore, it cannot be considered infallible and cannot be efficient without the complementarity of actual human intelligence.


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