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Artificial Intelligence to create a purposeful HR

A LinkedIn blog explained the difference between purpose, vision and mission in 3 simple terms. In an organisational context, a company’s vision is it’s “Where?”, its Mission is its “What?”, and its Purpose is its “Why?” or reason for existing. For a company to achieve its purpose, the employees and stakeholders must not only know it but also must be actively involved in it. To achieve this, businesses are turning to their Human Resources pros to develop a people strategy that aims to help employees reach their full potential on all fronts.

By 2025, Millenials will account for 75% of the workforce. Millennials and GenZ value a meaningful life just as much as a good salary and benefits package. According to the Deloitte Insights 2020 Global Marketing Trends Report, purpose-driven businesses have 40% higher levels of employee retention than their competitors. This puts increased reliance on the HR department to develop engaged and highly motivated employees. This includes creating initiatives, processes, and a culture of engagement, open communication, and active participation as a result.

Though it is argued that artificial intelligence will eventually eliminate the need for humans in human resources, its proper application can greatly help an HR team. According to an SHRM report, 88% of companies worldwide already use AI in some capacity for HR. Though more work is needed to build trust in AI for HR roles, its applications go beyond automating the hiring process and providing learning recommendations. When used correctly, artificial intelligence can bring personalisation to HR conversations and create purposeful employee engagement to build a better working culture in a company.


Top areas where AI can be used to create purposeful HR:

  • Hiring and Selection:

AI-talent assessment solutions can easily examine resumes and filter the best candidates from the applicant pool. This can save the hiring team a significant amount of time when reviewing the massive resume database. This not only ensures unbiased selection, but can also be used to score solely on relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. Further after filtering, AI tools can assist candidates and HR professionals in parsing resume, providing two-way communication, and updating status in real-time. HR professionals can focus on providing the best candidate experience and meaningful support while AI handles repetitive but time-consuming tasks.

Learn how companies can use EVA.ai to create a Digital hiring experience.

  • Onboarding:

New hires often have mostly recurring questions, which, if not addressed promptly, can lead to disengaged employees from the start. As most companies have an onboarding process daily, or at least weekly, this is a place where AI can assist HR. Beginning with document preparation and collection, clarifying new hire questions, and providing process handbooks, supporting training materials, and contact information, among other things, can help a new hire’s journey to the company get off to a great start.

EVA’s Onboard and Train modular HR solution will engage new hires by aligning them with the organisation’s culture and serving as a partner on the employees’ new journey.

  • Constant Communication and Engagement:

There are a variety of AI tools that can assist a company in keeping their employees informed, providing a channel for constant communication, recommending the top company news, receiving feedback through surveys on engagement and HR initiatives, and so on. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, 85% of employees are actively disengaged at work. A purposeful HR strategy can help to reduce this staggering figure by developing employees who are energetic, inspired, self-motivated, and growth-oriented. Knowing employee pulse, frequently and not just in performance reviews, and acting upon it can positively enhance the culture of an organisation.

EVA’s Conversational AI can engage with an employee continuously and create personalised communications making it a perfect portal for companies to also launch surveys and collect employee pulse.

  • Talent Development:

To create growth-minded employees, they should be provided ample learning opportunities and make recommendations based on their skills and preferences. AI can be a powerful tool for improving a company’s learning behaviour. HR professionals should consider AI tools when developing new training strategies and techniques. AI can help create a meaningful learning and development journey for its employees by creating personalised learning paths, integrating learning into routine tasks, reinforcing learning, providing accessible on-demand learning content, and calculating training effectiveness.

When an AI-based portal is provided for employees to update their skills, it can not only provide learning programmes to enhance and match their growth, but it can also support the employee and company in internal mobility programmes.

  • Reports and Insights:

HR4.0 has accelerated the utilisation of valuable data held by the HR team. These data points can be used to make meaningful interpretations of employee feedback and behaviours. AI’s perceptive and predictive abilities enable it to interpret data decisions not only for the present but also for the future. HR can become a powerful source of actionable insight by leveraging data derived from people analytics to design and implement strategies that can increase the process and operational efficiency. AI can provide insight into employee satisfaction levels and predict potential future employee turnover, allowing HR teams to identify individuals precisely, and provide engagement and development opportunities to avoid wastage of resources.

A company can develop engaged employees through a variety of channels. The heart of it all is developing a strategic people agenda. EVA’s modular HR solutions are easily customisable based on the needs of the company. EVA’s AI tools can support the HR team to have “people” time to develop a more hands-on approach to the areas of value.


EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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