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Oracle Taleo / HCM vs. EVA.ai

Transition into Agile… Inclusive… Intelligent…Data-Driven… Adaptive platform

The development of HR Tech is emerging, and every software alternative is contending alongside the changing roles and cultures in HR. HR 4.0 technologies are raising the bar for efficiency by democratising automation and intelligence to companies of all sizes.

HR leaders who have adopted technology and/or have upgrades written in their transformation agenda in line with trends are embracing HR tech gracefully, automating workflows, moving to the cloud, and also switching vendors at the end of subscription term/ contract renewals in search of flexible software and controlling operating budgets.

“Some of this tendency may come from the desire to minimise the number of vendors overall, but the question remains, why change the cloud vendor? The answer may lie in the two top challenges that HR leaders report in technology projects, budget (cited by 28%) and integration with other technology solutions (27%). Some vendors may be overpromising on both counts - PwC HR Tech Survey 2022”

To encourage and ease the challenges in HR Tech adoption, EVA presents implementation strategies that fast forward organisations into HR Transformation and migration to futuristic software. EVA is an early champion of HR 4.0 in the most comprehensive style supporting digital  HR operations in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, and Candidate / Recruiter / Manager Experiences.

Weigh your options: If you are evaluating HR / HCM systems to migrate from Oracle Taleo or complement Oracle Cloud HCM, EVA is a trusted platform that promises the integrity of rich features and customizations that make your business roadmap work.

A compiled list of benefits and governance that EVA offers could help you resolve the best alternative not only by box-ticking features but also by realising the advantage as a strategic partner.

EVA takes point in the HCM ecosystem

EVA offers 6 pre-configured modules in one platform hosting self-service portals, customisable workflows, chatbot / conversational assistant to augment HR operations, and people analytics for real-time insights.

EVA’s engineering DNA translates into the platform’s modular architecture to provision feature adoption at scale and connectors that sharpen the tech stack suitable for specific HR requirements.

The key differentiator of EVA is that the platform dynamically supervises the impressions of automation and AI in all aspects of HR operations conducted through the digital platform: Talent sourcing (recruitment automation), Search and Match (AI algorithms), screening & scheduling (RPA), Onboarding & Talent engagement (ML/Conversational AI) and Hiring Analytics.

Key feature comparison with EVA

Features EVA Oracle Taleo / HCM
ATS Advanced Functional
Search & Match Advanced Limited
Recruitment Marketing / Native CRM Advanced Limited
Candidate Scoring Advanced Functional
Diversity Hiring Advanced Limited
Talent Pipelines Advanced Limited
Sourcing & Screening/Assessment Advanced Functional
Onboarding Advanced Functional
Conversational AI / Chatbot Advanced Functional
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Advanced Limited
Internal Mobility / Skills Mapping Advanced Limited
Learning & Development Functional Limited
Predictions Advanced Limited
Mobile Experience Functional Functional
Workforce Analytics Advanced Advanced
Performance Management Limited Advanced
HR Help Desk Functional Advanced
Gig / Opportunity Hiring Advanced Functional
Customisations Advanced Functional

Lookup and prepare for rapid transformation

EVA reinforces the premise that technology should be easy to use, futuristic, adapt to on-the-job HR needs, and flexible to incorporate organisational agenda such as bias-free hiring, data intelligence that gives a head start to hiring & retention decisions.

Best of EVA: Our shortlist

  1. Integrated HR solutions with Industry 4.0 experience
  2. Modular Architecture for optimised/reduced re-architecting costs
  3. Faster and flexible deployment (On-prem / Cloud)
  4. Extensibility through open API design and Connectors
  5. Role design/privilege based configurations for security

EVA works as your business consulting partner to reassess the number of integrations, report the functional usage (most used to not used stats) and re-architect the platform for high-quality performance and scalability.

Typically, EVA can be onboarded into your organisation in less than a month: systematically migrate data into and out of the EVA platform, configure the standard set of workflows, test drive and keep it up and running from week-3. 

EVA is open to your innovation roadmap and we boast of our rapid R&D cycles to bring the best of features that would mean quick ROIs in short timelines.

Customer Success Story: UNDP’s change management and migration to EVA

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) uses Oracle ERP for its operations. Though UNDP decided to integrate its central data warehouse and Recruitment / HR operations on EVA. When the team at UNDP evaluated EVA to migrate their HR operations for their roadmap of recruitment, workforce management, skills mapping & role deployment, EVA’s team eliminated weeks of research for UNDP’s review team through a demo of the EVA platform’s universal features, product support, and a framework for migration effort estimations.

UNDP was onboard and could go-live in 4 weeks with flawless migration, quality assurance and validations on their custom self-service portals and workforce management workflows.

Success metrics in UNDP-EVA partnership

  • Intuitive and modern UI on EVA
  • Number of customisations and process configurations
  • RPA workflow automation for large vetting and approval process (60-70% automation coverage)

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EVA – conversational AI & predictive ML, operating within a modular HR Tech Platform, that automates processes and personalises experiences.

EVA team helps organisations achieve both growth and sustainability with HR 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution applied to Talent Acquisition & Talent Management.

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