18 Talent Acquisition Metrics for the modern recruiter

Recruitment 4.0 is about measuring your processes, identifying holes in existing capability and using data to build a world-class talent function. We have analysed the 18 recruitment metrics every talent leader should be able to understand and articulate to their board so that they can build world-class companies.

Thrive not survive. Recruitment 4.0.

How many recruitment metrics is your team tracking? Nine? Eighteen? No idea? A quick search for the best recruiting metrics and KPIs to use will quickly lead you down a rabbit hole. But it’s important for talent acquisition leaders to be well versed in some of the most relevant recruitment performance indicators.

The most capable companies are making the shift to become a “data-driven culture”: they utilise the data they’re already generating to optimise and reframe how they measure amazing work. We’ve gathered eighteen of today’s most relevant and thoughtful recruitment metrics, and how to calculate them, to help you:

  • Reframe how you do amazing work
  • Realise major wins by using data to create a new era of metrics
  • Think about how to optimise your technology investments to capture insights that actually support automation and recruitment effectiveness