Digital Employee Journey (DEJ)
Talent Management 4.0

EVA’s Talent Management solution suite helps you engage, discover, support and retain the talent within your organisation.

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<small style="font-size: 1.125rem; opacity: 0.7;">Digital Employee Journey (DEJ) </small><br/> Talent Management 4.0
HR 4.0

Drive talent management with ‘automation-first’ solutions

EVA’s Human Capital Management Platform addresses every aspect of talent management:

Internal Mobility

Internal Mobility

Notify employees of new relevant opportunities and deliver them a personalised list of options for internal transfers. Employees can apply quickly through the platform. Support employees internal career paths and help them reach their goals.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Move away from the limiting, retroactive evaluations of yesteryear and empower your employees with ongoing, agile and collaborative appraisal processes focused on fact-based discussions. Re-envision the employee review process and tailor it to your needs.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning

In most companies, succession planning is something that happens only for top executives, if at all. With EVA, succession planning becomes more highly automated and more effective as a tool to retain and motivate employees. Successors for any role, not just the C-suite.

Career Planning

Career Planning

Give employees internal career paths and help them reach their goals. EVA’s Career Planner enables your employees to understand their career path based on their current role, so they can see their career with your company and gain the confidence to stay and pursue it. Show your staff a career within your company.

Talent Redeployment

Talent Redeployment

Many large organisations don’t have a sense of what skills each employee has, and how they can be used in open roles. EVA gives HR teams visibility into the skills of every member of the workforce so you can successfully redeploy employees whose current jobs are impacted by a reduction in force.

Internal Mobility

Put your people first

With EVA, you can promote a culture of both transparency and collaboration, and empower your people to take control of their careers.

Foster a high-performance culture by publicly announcing achievements, promotions and outstanding key results that are associated with any of your core company values – thus reinforcing desired behaviours. You can also promote ongoing development by targeted learning and mobility opportunities based on employee skills, interests and areas of development.

<h2>Put your people first </h2>

Transform & build robust employee profiles

From employee profiles to human profiles

Empower employees to enrich their profiles with skills, experience, areas of interest, willingness to relocate and more, to align with opportunities within the business. Consolidate all employee-related information in one place to have a full overview of the talent within your organisation.

Use intelligent automation to gather employee data at all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle to further customise employee profiles and keep data fresh. All while using EVA’s robust integration framework to import data from your HRIS, LMS and other systems.

<h2>From employee profiles to human profiles </h2>

Ideal candidates

Hire for fit and potential

Easily match employees with professional opportunities that fulfil both their career interests and professional goals, as well as your company’s fast-changing goals. Transition employees smoothly from one job or function to another, especially for large-scale restructurings due to COVID-19.

With EVA, you gain a configurable mobility tool that empowers employees to carve out a successful career path, assists managers decision-making processes, and allows you to implement & automate your action plans.

<h2>Hire for fit and potential</h2>
HR 4.0 Case Study <> United Nations Development Programme

UNDP Skills Mapping 4.0 with EVA

Drawing on it’s 50 years of experience, the UNDP is helping countries urgently and effectively respond to COVID-19 as part of its mission to eradicate poverty, reduce inequalities and build resilience to crises and shocks around the world.

To support that mission, UNDP is leveraging EVA’s HCM platform to engage consultants and employees, map their skills, and deploy expertise around the work more efficiently and effectively. All while eliminating the waste and frustration their team and consultants feel throughout the recruitment and deployment processes.

Here are the results just 4 weeks after UNDP launched EVA:


Hours saved per week

By automating manual, repetitive workflows with EVA, so UNDP personnel can focus on high-value tasks


Saved in HR operation costs

By replacing manual processes with custom-build and engaging workflow automation


Skills collected & mapped

Over 4,500 UNDP consultants engaged and skills collected in just four weeks – 10x faster than before


Faster engagement

UNDP collected fresh consultant information and skills 600% faster with EVA vs. traditional email-based methodologies

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Employee support 4.0

Your employee’s new sidekick

Give your employees a 24/7 side-kick that supports and engages across all touchpoints of the employee lifecycle, gathering both quantitative & qualitative data.

Consolidate all employee info in one place for a full overview of your talent, and use the insights to power your mobility plan.

Reduce costs with an engaging first line of support available 24/7

Send out manual or automatic internal announcements or updates

Serve employees targeted job adverts based on their profiles

Keep employees engaged and informed while you sleep

Smart integrations allow you to connect to all of your systems

Recommend jobs manually and/or auto. with ML powered tech

<small style="font-size: 1.025rem">Employee support 4.0</small><br/><h2>Your employee’s new sidekick</h2>

Building relationships and map talent

Automated and engaging campaigns

Going beyond impersonal, one-way emails and surveys, EVA’s surfaces deeper insights via ongoing two-way conversations across the entire organisation and throughout the employee lifecycle.

EVA’s automated chatbot campaigns enable you to engage employees with dynamic conversations that add value by collecting and sharing information that employees actually care about.

<h2>Automated and engaging campaigns</h2>

Match & recommend employees

AI-powered searches and predictions

Run proactive, Google-like searches and build sophisticated lists of employees based on any element of your custom data model. Leverage EVA’s fine-tuned segmentation capabilities and send automated, targeted, and fully branded communications flagging candidates to recruitment teams or hiring managers.

Receive automatic recommendations of suitable candidates based on criteria defined by you to match the requirements of your opportunities.

<h2>AI-powered searches and predictions</h2>

Talent Management 4.0

Automate your workflows

EVA helps you automate your workflows and processes with intelligent, custom-built RPA. As you work through the hiring process, simply click a button to change the status of a particular candidate. With EVA’s custom-built automation workflows, this will trigger a pre-configured action.

Plus, EVA’s intuitive platform makes it easy for teams to adjust workflows to meet their ever-changing needs.

<h2>Automate your workflows</h2>

Mobilise your diverse workforce

Promote inclusion with internal mobility

EVA transforms how you manage talent, helping forward-thinking teams mobilise diverse talent to drive both individual and organisational performance.

Show each individual how to add skills and move forward in their career proactively. Provide each person the same opportunity to advance, the cornerstone of an inclusive organisation.

<h2>Promote inclusion with internal mobility</h2>
As the global business and talent landscape undergoes transformation, unleashing human potential in new ways is critical for driving strong business results.
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Dynamic dashboards & analytics

Hone your mobility program with robust reports

EVA allows you to report on any element of your custom data model and processes.

Make date-driven decisions with powerful reporting and analytics to more accurately assess the eligibility of applicants for all opportunities across the business. Build reports to see the percentage of positions filled internally, retention rates, voluntary turnover among high potentials and other customisable metrics to know how your internal mobility programs are performing.

<h2>Hone your mobility program with robust reports</h2>

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