Next generation recruitment process automation technology

Recruitment is about relationships. Automate everything else

Automated Workflows

Make productivity effortless. Eliminate repetitive tasks at unlimited scale

Candidate Screening

Ensure no candidate is missed. Screen candidates automatically, accurately, in real time

CV Parsing

Never code again. EVA builds smart indexes of CVs so you can find them with a simple search

Machine-learning Matching

Match with precision. EVA uses recruiter decision-making behaviour to match top talent to jobs

AI-driven Conversations

Let EVA speak for you to Increase response rates and eliminate initial screening calls


Keep your correspondence chronologically ordered in one place, whether it’s chat, email, calls, or SMS

Seamless Integration

Import information from directly Linkedin, job services and CV databases with a single click

Powerful Dashboards

Use prebuilt or customized reports to track return on investment in real time

GDPR Controls

Stay in line with GDPR compliance. EVA keeps records and handles candidates requests for you

Make productivity effortless

EVA’s Smart Automation eliminates more than 200 repetitive tasks from your workflow

Recruiting at scale

EVA helps your recruiters focus on revenue-generating tasks

Make productivity effortless
Build your talent pool

Build your talent pool

The bigger your candidate pool the better your chances to find a perfect match

Sourcing with no limits

EVA steps into enormous databases to surface a right candidate

Source with prediction

EVA identifies candidates who are a strong fit, ready to change job, and will succeed in being placed

Source 4x more candidates

With 2 clicks, EVA connects to your careers page, job boards, mailbox, LinkedIn, Facebook etc

Source with prediction
Screen every candidate

Screen every candidate

Screen 2x more candidates. EVA eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening, making sure no candidate falls through the cracks

Instant shortlisting

EVA pre-filters the most relevant candidates for your recruiter’s review

Match with precision

Learning from you, EVA considers a wide range of factors and relationships between them to match top talent to jobs

Recruiter decision-making behavior

EVA evaluates what skills and experience matter for the job, who was successful in a similar role before, and company’s previous hiring activity

Match with precision
Engage with AI chatbot

Engage with AI chatbot

Scale relationships with AI-powered chatbot. EVA can manage an unlimited volume of conversations in parallel and knows when to engage human agents to move conversations forward

Double response rate

Receive 2x responses by letting EVA speak for you

Integrate seamlessly

No need to master another tool. EVA compliments your technology stack by seamlessly integrating with your existing recruiting tools

User-friendly interface

Keep all your recruiting tasks in one place, with one simple interface

Integrate seamlessly

See how EVA makes recruiting effortless

How Augmented Intelligence helps you build relationships

Predictive algorithm

How Augmented Intelligence helps you build relationships

EVA’s build-in algorithm predicts when a candidate is ready to talk about their new job and engages with them instantly

How Augmented Intelligence helps you build relationships

Continuous Learning

How Augmented Intelligence helps you build relationships

EVA’s using machine learning and semantic matching to learn from your every decision and continuously improve intelligence. EVA learns from your performance data combined with millions of past hiring decisions

How Augmented Intelligence helps you build relationships

See how EVA makes recruitment awesome


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the following list

What is Eva?

EVA is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) recruitment platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate or automate manual tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by agents. 

Do you support my business area?

Yes! EVA technology can be applied to any market or vertical, where you have a reasonable candidate pool size.

Our system is trained using both your data and a generic pool, to ensure that EVA understands language specifically relevant to your business, as well as general terms.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on size of business and the degree of customisation required. Contact us to receive a quick quote.

Which job boards do you support?

At the moment we support direct integration with a select group of job boards that offer high-quality, rich APIs. For the rest, we support Broadbean.

Where custom integrations are desirable or essential for clients, we offer development services.