Talent Engagement – Comms hub


All your Talent communications
in one place

EVA’s Engagement Hub is the one-stop-shop to communicate with candidates, employees, hiring team members and leaders across channels.
No more out-of-loop / out-of-context engagements…

The CRM feature of EVA.ai displays all type of engagements in a single activity history window. This includes:

  • VoIP Calls (log, types and outcomes)
  • SMS (sent, failed)
  • Emails (sent, opened, clicked)
  • Messenger messages (Facebook, Instagram; (Soon) Whatsapp/Telegram…)
  • Conversations of EVA Bot and your HR Executives’ ones
  • All notes and feedback
  • Pipeline workflow status changes
  • and more.

All your Talent communications </br> in one place

Directly connected to the candidate portal, users can use the bot as a new communication channel to engage candidates manually in real-time, as well as automatically with RPA.


Auto-triggered throughout the pipeline, individually sent, as well as launched in bulk – auto-recorded

VoIP Calls & SMS

Click-to-call, automated call queues, SMS, with each engagement automatically recorded.

Call tagging

Incoming and outgoing calls can be organized (i.e. tagged) based on ‘Direction’ (e.g. inbound, outbound), ‘Type’ (e.g. screening call), ‘Status’ (e.g. Completed) and ‘Outcome’ (e.g. Screened, Rejected), with an optional note

Share Candidates

Share a candidate, list of candidates, or cherry-pick a group of candidates with other members of your team, in just one click

Notes & Feedback

Add notes & Feedback upon shortlisting or after interviews to candidate profiles, that are immediately accessible to all members of your team