Recruitment in healthcare is changing

Increasing demand for more healthcare professionals, laid against the backdrop of an ageing population and a chronic shortage of available labour, makes the future of healthcare look bleak.

Breaking the deadlock

Our published case study considers 7 key drivers behind the current state of healthcare recruitment. It analyses the impact each macro-factor has on health care recruitment today and also signposts the potential reality of what this will mean for healthcare recruitment in the future.

You’ll discover why Vobis, a UK based healthcare specialist recruitment consultancy chose’s Recruitment 4.0 automation and machine learning capabilities to help them compete in and win in this challenging, candidate shy market. You will also learn about:

  • How to implement the right technology at the right time based on your internal processes
  • The technologies which can help transform how you acquire candidates at scale
  • How to foster sustainable business processes and retain invaluable knowledge within your organisation