CEO to Recruiter: Week 2

A week ago, I decided to set aside part of my CEO responsibilities and spend some time as a recruiter to develop a deeper appreciation for the recruiter’s craft. I knew recruitment wasn’t easy, and the second week of my experiment left no room for doubts.

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CEO to Recruiter: my first week in recruiter’s shoes

I’m Ben Kaminsky, CEO at As we build EVA, our Recruitment Process Automation software, I want to develop a deeper appreciation for the recruiter’s work.

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How AI can help us eliminate recruitment bias

You’ve heard the trend – diversity is the new global mindset in recruiting this year.

73% of companies embraced diversity, while over half of companies are already tackling it head-on to eliminate recruitment bias, according to a recent survey by LinkedIn.

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Top 4 recruitment skills AI is unlikely to replace

Can AI do your job? Sure, some of it.

Can AI take away your job? Not likely.

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