The Tiara Awards 👑

As our team continues to adjust to the new normal, we’re focusing on delivering even more value to our clients via our ethos of HR 4.0. We got some amazing news recently... The team is very proud and excited to be finalists for the Tiara Talent Tech Star Awards.

“Our team is passionate about the work we do. Being acknowledged in two separate award categories :) is strongly appreciated! We are honoured to compete with other amazing companies doing amazing things in HR Tech” Ben Kaminsky CEO at 

About is a bot provider, offering customised solutions for enterprises to automate their talent acquisition and HR processes. 

EVA’s top-of-the-funnel sourcing and screening tech use an intelligent conversational interface which interacts with candidates and employees. This data is fed into machine learning algorithms to match/predict and then automate next step actions via customisable  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows. helps enterprises transform their talent acquisition and HR processes to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

The platform has an intelligent chatbot and a configurable automation system that allows tailored, intelligent and ‘engagement-led’ automation solutions to help enterprise companies tackle complex challenges across every moment in the HR lifecycle.’s HR 4.0 approach converges Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Chatbots, Machine Learning and Analytics to deliver value and drive impactful experiences for candidates, employees, and managers.


This Award recognises a talent tech solution that has transformed or substantially improved the talent acquisition process for employers or recruiters. The other finalists in this category are

  • DaXtra Technologies - 

Daxtra helps teams automate the entire employment application process, helping recruitment companies quickly source the best available job seekers. This includes tech stacks that focus on parsing, searching, matching and aggregating candidate/source data. 

Read more about DaXtra here

  • JobTeaser - Links recent graduates with the right opportunities by employing a tech-based consultative approach to matching talent to jobs. TBF we all know what it’s like finding your first job out of Uni so kudos to these guys. 

Read more about JobTeaser here

  • Enhance Media / HireCast- 

HireCast is a recruitment video service - promoting a job, location, employer brand or grad scheme - but with built-in interactivity – directly inside the video. This allows candidates to navigate and click inside a video - just like a website - creating a bespoke and different experience every time the video is watched.

Pretty cool 😎 Check out Enhance Media/HireCast here

  • ODRO - 

ODRO provides video technology for recruitment agencies. This covers video interviews (live, recorded, solo, group), personalised video messaging, video shortlists and analytics. 

 Learn more about ODRO 

  • SourceBreaker

SourceBreaker is a matching and robotic automation platform, powered by artificial intelligence. SourceBreaker’s algorithm includes  salary trends, market/company news and funding data to drive more precise placements 

Read more about JobTeaser here


This Award recognises a solution that helps best-enabled employers and/or agencies to improve candidate experience and success in talent acquisition. The other finalists in this category are: 

  • Hinterview 

Hinterview allows you to record and share video interviews, engage with top candidates and introduce yourself to prospective clients without the need for endless calls and emails.

Learn more about Hinterview

  • Hollaroo

Build communities. Stay connected.

Hollaroo allows HR teams to foster and build a digital community-driven mindset. They work with teams to present content, information, advice and guidance in an accessible, digestible and user-driven way for candidates, employees, graduates, interest groups and alumni.

Check out the Hollaroo team here 

  • MyKindaFuture

MyKindaFuture powers Connectr an employee experience platform that ensures everyone feels a sense of belonging at each stage of their workplace journey.

Learn more about MyKindaFuture

  • PredictiveHire

Predictive hire is a conversational interview platform that interviews candidates and uses its domain knowledge of candidate/role requirements to match/score candidate fit to the role. 

Learn more about PredictiveHire

  • Enhance Media / HireCast (as above) 

Talent Tech Star Awards 2020 Judges 

We’re up against so many incredible companies and teams, luckily the judging panel is as impressive as the finalists:  

Adam Hawkins – Head of Search & Staffing UK&I and EMEA at LinkedIn  

Julia Kermode – CEO of the Freelancer & Contractor Services Association (FCSA)  

Simon Devonshire OBE – Investor, adviser and former Entrepreneur in Residence at BEIS  

Shereen Daniels – Managing Director of HR rewired & former HR director of Caffe Nero  

Chris Gray – Sales and Marketing Director of ManpowerGroup UK  

Parveen Dhanda – Head of Programmes at Tech Nation and Programme Lead, Future Fifty  

Mike Lander – CEO of Piscari and former Head of Procurement at AMS  

Umerah Akram – Head of London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE programme  

Michael Rendell – Former Partner and Head of Innovation and Transformation at PwC   

Devyani Vaishampayan – Managing Partner of the HR TECH Partnership 

The Award Ceremony 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Tiara Talent Tech Star Awards will be held online. 

Tickets for the ceremony can be booked online.

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It's a Privilege

The excitement of winning the start-up of the year award at Unleash London 2019 with is still very fresh, so to be given the opportunity to become a judge for the USA equivalent start-up competition was a real privilege. 

As a member of the leadership team for a start-up, these opportunities are very fulfilling, challenging and indeed an honour. In addition to enjoying the award event, the potential to observe some great displays of talent, technology and creativity is inspiring. 

Although daunting at times, the experience of being both a participant and a winner of such a competition guided my thinking in what to look for in the participants of the USA competition. What in my previous experience as a participant helped me judge this year’s Unleash 2019 Start-up competition? 

The Winner is in the details

From the UK Unleash competition experience, the very first learning for me was to be precise when articulating our niche area of expertise and unique positioning. My approach during the US competition was to judge the ability of participants to be as clear as possible when describing the area of the market their technology or company operated in.

Defining a niche and a unique positioning requires the participant to have an in-depth knowledge of their market, competitive landscape and the trends influencing their market evolution. The questions and requests I directed at the participants were focused on obtaining those critical details.

Notwithstanding the expected nerves which were displayed by most of the participants, the passion and enthusiasm each and every participant showed was contagious and won praise both from the audience and judges; however, I was still looking for a high level of detail from the presenters. Wins!

At this year’s Unleash USA 2019, many of the contestants for US HR Start-up of the year explored the use of increasingly available candidate and employee data to push the boundaries of personalisation, increased targeting and an interactive engagement experience. 

One of the start-ups that caught my eye was which uses a swat of data to provide an AI-powered “360-degree profile” of potential candidates – particularly those that have sparse or no LinkedIn profiles but may be qualified based on harder-to-find accolades. Anoop Gupta, a former technical assistant to Bill Gates, spoke about the scarcity of certain technical profiles and candidates (e.g. developers and engineers) who do not promote their experience or work effectively online. The feature that most stood out for me beyond the pooling of publicly available data across multiple platforms was the smart built-in diversity filters of the platform to reduce unconscious bias. This is based on a machine learning-driven search engine that understands past hiring patterns and detects those that may be problematic.

Another start-up: Cultivate.Ai looks at the internal communications between managers and their direct reports, in order to provide them with personalised and private insights on their relationships, and ultimately determine how to be a more effective manager.

The winner of this year’s Unleash USA HR Tech Start-up was – founded by Dave Karandish the former CEO and founder of Answers Corporation which was sold for a whopping $900m in 2014 – an artificial intelligence platform connecting people with the information they need when they need it. Already boasting clients such as Newell Brands, Centene Corp and the Maryville University, Dave insisted the uniqueness of the “Megabot” lies in its ability to use natural language processing to search documents, teams and apps across multiple systems and pull out the info users are looking for. is a service in two parts. The aforementioned backend mines information from email and calendar apps like Gmail and Exchange, CRM systems such as Salesforce, health information and resource services like ADP and Sage, service desk platforms like Zendesk and cloud drive providers like Box and OneDrive. The second part is a Chatbot using Natural Language Processing (NLP) that integrates with popular messaging apps such as Skype or Slack. Users can simply say “Schedule 15 minutes with Ben and Gerry” and “I need the HSBC contract from August 2018” to have the platform execute the command.

Paris je t’Aime! will be present in Paris with the Winners of Unleash USA and Unleash Amsterdam for the grand finale where the world’s most innovative Start-ups will compete for the 2019 Global Start-up of the Year Award. We are excited to be again participating in a Start-up competition, and I hope my experience as a winner and judge will help guide me in presenting with its blend of 3-leading technologies: AI-powered automation, NPL-Chatbot and intelligent Machine-learning, as a worthy recipient of the global award. 


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