Agency Recruiters

EVA’s end to end recruitment solution is tailor made to help you meet your business goals.

Double your capacity, reduce your time to hire, give every candidate an amazing experience and unlock 50,000:1 ratios between candidates and agents.

EVA single handedly manages everything that the modern agent needs from sourcing to placement.

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Agency Recruiters


Find quality candidates quickly and consistently, match the right CVs to your vacancies with AI-powered predictions, automate schedulng and low-level value tasks.


Foster process transparency by providing a seperate branded candidate interface. Leverage relationship insights to deliver a personalised recruitment journey.


Put the best and most relevant candidates forward to interview, learn from your clients hiring history and implement on-going collaboration via the client interface.


Exploit data-driven insights across your processes, produce actionable reports in real-time. Streamline low level tasks and focus on revenue driving activities.

Built for the forward thinking recruiter

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competitive advantage and drive business growth
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Candidate data goes dead quickly!

Managing a large database often means that agents are sitting on a gold mine of wasted talent. Overworked agents have no time to engage, as a result a lot of candidates are out of touch and out of sync with your business

With EVA

EVA’s machine learning function spots patterns in conversations, fills out gaps in candidate profiles and predicts in advance when a candidate is ready to move. Use EVABot to re-engage passive candidates

Sustaining recruiter knowledge

The intricate decisions and expertise acquired by your team cannot be physically conceptualised, making it impossible to share or implement the valuable recruitment insight across your overall business

With EVA

Machine learning and artificial intelligence capture every variable, driving insight generation and predictions that drive your team to make better decisions

Inability to diversify or grow

Traditional recruitment processes are not flexible. There is little to no oversight, restricting business expansion and growth potential. A static perspective offers no capacity to exploit new revenue streams

With EVA

EVA creates a collaborative environment that drives teams to unlock their growth potential. EVA identifies hiring patterns across industries, enabling the implementation of scalable, intelligent and flexible solutions

Understanding client metrics

Recruiters spend a lot of time sending candidates to interviews with clients who are realistically not ready to hire. More time is wasted chasing up clients that amount to dead leads

With EVA

Predict the leads that are most likely to turn into profit. Exception blockers learn from your placement history and analytics flags up potential client red flags

Finding relevant candidates

A lot of rectuiters struggle to deal with the sheer amount of CVs within their database. Each candidate has a different CV layout, which increases the time spent reading, understanding and reformatting

With EVA

EVA analyses every CV and maps it to a pattern of candidate data. Reformatting every candidate CV to a candidate profile that is easy to read, readily accesible and always up-to-date